Welcome. This is my attempt to bring out some sort of concise, understandable explanation concerning the elements in our society which have taken it upon themselves to be the arbiters of how the world will be run.

The story is long and convoluted and at times seems to be just too fantastic to be true, but once you have read about and processed the entire story I hope it will become clear. There is indeed a conspiracy of elite wealth which has taken over the world’s political and financial affairs, and they conduct most of the wars mainly to increase their own power and wealth.

They are few in number, a few thousand at the most in the “inner circles”, They control 99% of our nations wealth and refuse to share it in any equitable manner, they consistently buy elections with their dominance of the playing field and when they can’t they regularly kill outsiders that manage to make it in. They recently killed over 100 Microbiologists setting medical science back 100 years or more in the curing of disease, insuring continued obscene profits for the Pharmaceutical corporations they own.
They have killed thousands of US Citizens that challenged their power over the last 100 years and convinced you through their control of the media that it was others that did it, they have created wars to control the oil and opium that forms the base of their wealth, they invaded China to try and force them to accept their opium, they enslaved Turkey, then Cambodia, then Afghanistan to produce the Poppies they sell to us as heroin shipped in by the CIA and under “Diplomatic” protection. They own you through debt they have imposed on you, they own your children and those children yet born, and still you just accept it because they have not kicked in your door and put a gun to your head. They don’t need to, they had you go to the store and buy a Television and carry it into your home yourself.
Suppose they only had 98% of the wealth and you had twice as much as you do now?
What if they only had 95% of the wealth and you had over 4 times what you do now?
When will you stop stop wishing and start acting? Turn off FOX, CBS, NBC, CBS, MSNBC and think for yourself and work for yourself, not them. 

Bill Fikes, Meadow Lakes Alaska, March 4th 2012